• October 19, 2013

Kristy Scott is founder and owner of H2U+, and a licensed massage therapist who specializes in Thai Yoga Massage. She is also proficient in deep tissue, Swedish and myofascial release modalities.

Thai Yoga Massage, often called “lazy man’s yoga” has been practiced for thousands of years to achieve a state of well-being with many benefits, including improved posture, breathing, flexibility, circulation, digestion and more. This bodywork combines meditative breathing, deep stretching and acupressure massage to promote full-body relaxation and restoration.

According to client needs, Kristy combines Thai massage with more of the western massage techniques, particularly those listed above.

Kristy has always had a passion for health and wellness, and bodywork is what she has always known she would be doing! Along with the world of therapeutic massage, Kristy loves dates with her daughter, music and any activity outdoors in beautiful Colorado.